Let's take some pictures!

I take all natural light photography, so no big lights or awkward equipment.  All sessions are either outside or in your home (Lifestyle Sessions).

Ok, so here is what a normal session looks like:

  1. You contact me, and we set a date.  I'll then send you a packet of information about clothing ideas and suggestions.  I love to help with outfits so feel free to chat with me anytime!  Clothing and accessories are the difference between good pictures and great pictures.
  2. We pick a location.  Depending on the feel you want and your wardrobe choices, we can decide if a country or city shoot would be best.
  3. On the day of pictures you gather up your family, snacks, special little lovies for the kids, and above all else---you STAY CALM and just ENJOY YOURSELF and the experience!  This is so important.  If mom or dad are stressed, the kids will be too.  Just relax!  I love kids, and I don't mind if they are a little on the wild side....I actually really enjoy it ;-)
  4. We make memories!  Sessions are usually around an hour, but sometimes it will run later or maybe finish early.  But regardless you will receive between 40-50 digital images on cd.  You will have all rights to the images and the freedom to print where you choose.  However, I suggest using Mpix.

1 hour session= $300

  • Includes Family, Children, & Engagements
  • Lifestyle Sessions can be negotiated for multiple hours

Seniors 1 Hour Session= $300

  • Personalized sessions
  • 1 location
  • 15-20 digital images

Seniors 2 Hour Session= $500

  • Personalized sessions
  • Around 5-6 Clothing changes
  • 40+ digital images

Senior Travel Sessions (1 hour away)=$1,500

  • This session is for the adventurer, the artist, and the creative!
  • Ever wanted a different flare for your senior shots? Choose a location that is 1 hour away!
  • Roam the streets and find unique locations
  • 2-3 hour photo session (does not include driving time)
  • 100+ digital images

Senior Travel Sessions (2-3 hours away)=$2,500

  • Escape the surroundings of the normal, and find your inner adventurer!
  • Choose a location 2-3 hours away
  • Explore the city and capture creative places and moments
  • 3-4 hour photo session (does not include driving time)
  • 150+ digital images

Mini Sessions (when available)= $100

  • 20 minutes
  • 8-10 images

Weddings= $3,000 (travel expenses not included)

  • Preparation and Detail Shots Before the Wedding
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Reception
  • 2 Photographers when needed

A Little About Me!

I like Disney cartoon musicals or really any old fashioned musical

I love traveling & have been to 8 countries

Sometimes I wish I could break out into song and dance 

I married John Smith

Yes, I am one of those people who talks to my cat

I lead worship at my church

I enjoy being around children...they make me laugh...even when they are being bad


Contact me to schedule your sessions!